- GCSE Revision for AQA Business Studies

Hello fellow teachers!

Just like you, I'm a teacher just looking for good resources which will engage my students and help them to achieve their best. I found that many resources are, frankly, a bit boring. So, I've made my own!

I hope you and your students love using them!

Resources for you

It's not just about making a (hopefully) funky website, I've made resources for you too. Each one features:

Complete Schemes of Work

3.1 Business in the Real World
3.2 Influences on Business
AQA 8132 3.3 Business Operations

AQA 8132 3.4 Human Resources
AQA 8132 3.5 Marketing Scheme of Work
AQA 8132 3.6 Finance Scheme of Work

Revision Resources

AQA 8132 3.6 Finance Scheme of Work

Other Resources

I also teach Computer Science and IT, and there are TES resources for those subjects too - from KS3 to KS5. Take a look at my TES Shop to view all of my resources. I hope you find them useful.